Karan Bedi

A bit about me…

I am inspired by…my Dad, and my brother- Dr Vikas
My onscreen partner would be…Ankita
My favourite tile/stone product…marble – LuxTouch
My favourite food…Indian/Continental/Indian chinese/Mughal(I’m a foodie so nothing specific, depends on mood)
Favourite place to eat…Paradise/Raviz/Bombay Chinese
Favourite coffee is…Cappuccino
My dream holiday is…Every holiday is a dream holiday for me.[or maybe Goa, India(till now it was the best)]
I am reading…Tax Structures 101 – by Matthew Gilligan
The theme song for my life is…Not afraid – Eminem
I haven’t laughed so hard since…last night (I’m very funny and have a great sense of humor)
My dream alternative career is…actor/choreographer
When I retire I am …going to do the same things I did as a youngster and take up my hobbies more seriously
The thing/s I am most proud of is …my positivity and the fact that I never give up
I am the most likely Tileworks team member to…be praised for his lunch/tiffin and to be inter connected with every one.