Doug Gericke

A bit about me…

I am inspired by…Clint Eastward (Go ahead sucker – make my day)
My onscreen partner would be…Scarlet O’Hara
My favourite tile/stone product…Rojo Alecante limestone
My favourite food…steak eggs and baked potato
Favourite place to eat…in the lounge on the sofa in front of TV
Favourite coffee is…whatever comes
My dream holiday is…a house in the surf with a glass floor
I am reading nothing at the moment
The theme song for my life is…Kiss the girl – by the crab in the little mermaid
I haven’t laughed so hard since…my cat got whacked by the recent hailstones
My dream alternative career is…caring for mentally handicapped children
When I retire I am going to…keep on working
The thing/s I am most proud of is…Bank City project in Johannesburg
I am the most likely Tileworks team member to…have a party