What is VersiJack®

VersiJack® is a height and slope-adjustable pedestal engineered by Elmich used to support paver or decking to reduce material, construction and lifecycle costs.

It caters to a wide range of height requirements, from 37mm – 1016mm, using only three main components parts (Top, Extender and Base).

VersiJack® has high ultimate compressive strength for various height combinations and is manufactured from recycled materials which meet RoHS requirements.

It allows convenient progressive height adjustment or correction for fall. Desired height is secured with integrated Locking Rings.

The large flat base and rounded edges does not penetrate and compromise waterproofing membranes. The design prevents water ponding and breeding of pests even on an incline. Accessories include top and bottom slope-correctors and bearer holders that ensure bearers remain firmly in place.

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Features and Benefits

• Fewer parts required for greater heights
• Capable of progressive height increase
• Easy screw adjustments
• High compressive strength
• Slope correctors at top and base of pedestal
• Pedestal is upright on sloped surface
• Eliminates efflorescence and algae
• Does not damage waterproofing membranes
• East-to-install, cost effective and lightweight
• Efficient surface drainage
• Allows air ventilation
• Reduces sound transmission
• Eliminates bedding sand and screeds
• Easy access to concealed services
• Made from 100% re-cycled materials
• Supports Green Building certification


  • Pool surrounds
  • Roof terraces
  • Balconies and patios
  • Reflective pools
  • Plaza decks
  • Pedestrian walkways

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