Due Pietra Regia 2cm

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Due Pietra Regia 20mm

Brand: Del Conca
Range: Due Pietra Regia 2cm
Colours: Pietra Regia HPR208 (Anthracite), Pietra Regia HPR215 (Multi/Grey)
Finish: Frost proof R12, 2cm thick
Size: 60cm x 60cm

Pietra Regia is the most advanced product realized by Del Conca R&D dept for outdoor tiles. It is the summary of the superior technical quality of Through-Body porcelain tile and of the infinite aesthetic richness, thanks to the revolutionary no touch coloring technology. Pietra Regia is a Through-Body porcelain tile, resistant both to acid and basic attacks, frost-resistant, suitable for wall and floor installations, internal and external, private or public settings.

Pietra Regia is also suitable for outdoor use, thanks to the due2 version (2cm thick), which can be dry laid on sand, gravel or grass, or installed as raised flooring by using our Elmich pedestals.

Variation: V3


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